Makers Space

Walking into a class and realizing that you are going to get to PLAY for 2 hours is an amazing relief and brings much excitement! In my Media and Digital Literacy class, we got to tinker and play at a variety of stations and it was so much FUN! It is just what we all needed as we are near the end of our nine weeks of classes before our placement starts. The stations included:

  • Playdough – where we turned playdough and a green screen (tip: use a cheap green plastic tablecloth) into moving images
  • Coding with Robots – where we played with coding the robots to move around the path
  • Scratch – where we played with making animation
  • Magnetic Shapes – where we used magnetic shapes to build towers and more
  • Makey Makey – where we got to turn playdough and wires into an external keyboard. This was my favourite station – I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on the playdough keys I made!

Here are some pictures to show the tables and items that we got to play with!



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