In my Media & Digital Literacy class, we learned how to make memes. Being in the Faculty of Education is a very rewarding yet busy experience. There is rarely downtime as there is so much to learn and do: classes, readings, assignments, the list goes on! I created this meme to represent a feeling that often occurs when thinking of my to-do list.

Memes can be used in a classroom in various ways! One way that I may use meems in a classroom is to have students create a meme as a form of expression. They could express how they are feeling that day, about a school topic/subject, home life, etc. This would allow students to express their feelings in a medium that can help them get their point across (text and image) without having to verbally say how they feel; which can sometimes be difficult for students. Memes could also be used in visual arts to explore themes.

MDL4000 Meme


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