On the first day of my Media and Digital Literacy, we were welcomed into the class by making LEGO people to represent ourselves. This was a fun way to start the class and to have an insight as to what we would be doing this year. There were some limited character pieces that represented me as a person. I chose the dark ponytailed hair because my hair is dark brown and I often wear it in a ponytail. I chose a striped shirt because after thinking about my wardrobe, it consists of many striped shirts. The blue bottoms represent the jeans that I wear almost every day. I put myself on a little diving board for a couple of reasons. In a practical sense, I LOVE to swim! In a more theoretical sense, I am diving head first into being a Faculty of Education student on my way into my teaching career.



2 thoughts on “LEGO

  1. So happy to read this post! I’m going to link it to my blog about my first day ‘Happiness in Teaching’ [] since it’s the other side of this conversation. Metaphors and lego people make a great start to teaching! Keep writing and reflecting as you dive into this year! Looking forward to may more creative makes with this medium!
    Helen DeWaard

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